Zope in Nepali Market

Zope is a relatively obscure but powerful open source application server based on Python programming language. Zope has been around for over half a decade but is relatively unknown in the market due to its perhaps eccentric nature as compared to market heavyweights such as J2EE and .NET.

Nevertheless, Zope has been used in a few Nepali websites. Here are a few usages of Zope in Nepal related websites: www.mope.gov.np/pollution.html

The ministry of Population and Environment uses Zope to create realtime indicators for environmental air quality for various parts of Kathmandu valley. The website shows various graphical representations of the indicators. This site
was made with zope back end and apache front end.

Nepalhomepage uses Zope to produce daily analysis of NEPSE stock index. Here zope is being used for both front end and backend. The page itself is made using zope’s page template language (ZPT).
Similarly, the discussion board was written with a zope back-end, but PHP front end. The two layers talk via XML-RPC protocol.

Nepal’s premier real discussion forum, Martin Chautari, run entirely in zope.  This site uses Zope Page Template as well. http://www.nepalhmg.gov.np

Government of Nepal’s website runs in Zope! The site is being hosted at the Ministry of Science and Technology in singha Durbar, Kathmandu in a linux machine. The website is fully programmed in Python. The front end is
made in zope page template as well. This site is the front end to all the other ministerial websites in Nepal.

As we can see, Zope is finally making its mark in Nepalese technological sector. If you are interested to use Zope in your next project, give it a try by downloading the free package for your OS of choice at http://www.zope.org

You may want to have a look at http://www.python.org if you are not strong in Python as well.

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